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First Class!

I am thrilled to have graduated form the University of Portsmouth with a First Class BA (Hons) Film Studies degree, along with receiving the No. 6 Prize Award for academic excellence, and the School of Film and Media Best Film Studies Student award. On top of this, I have also been awarded a scholarship for my MA Media and Communication studies, which I will be starting in September – this will no doubt help with my finances for the year.

I was home within a day or two of submitting my last essay and have gone straight back into work to earn as much as I can over the summer to pad my bank account for next year. I’m eager to return to Portsmouth to resume studying!

I am forever thankful for the support and guidance of my dissertation supervisor and personal tutor, Dr Emma Austin. She enabled me to realise my potential this year and helped me to produce work I a truly proud of. Dr Van Norris and Professor Lincoln Geraghty have also been influential throughout my experience at the University of Portsmouth.

I still have more essays queued up to publish during August, but this website will probably fall dormant for most of next year as I focus on my studies. I keep talking about finalizing the design and layout of the website, I’m sure that’ll be a good procrastination task for when I’m back in Portsmouth!